Multigrain Rolls

Posted on July 11, 2011


So these days anything multigrain is something that catches my eye. I’m trying
to be more health conscious, but that also means not trusting “multigrain”
wrappers in the grocery store because they are usually filled with a lot of
sugar and other ingredients I can’t even pronounce. But, that said, I am all
about multigrain made-from-scratch recipes because I think they are a much
healthier option and aren’t filled with a lot of sugar. The original recipe came
from How Sweet It Is, which is my
go-to blog for dessert recipes when I’m having weak moments when I just want to
fill my body with sugar and things that will stick on me forever.

(I pour a little bit of honey over the top of mine-
especially if they are hot out of the oven.)

Multigrain Rolls
(From How
Sweet It Is
1/4 cup oat bran
1/4 cup ground flaxseeds
1/2 cup
boiling water
1/2 cup warm buttermilk
1/2 envelope active dry yeast
cup honey
1 whole egg + 1 yolk
1/3 cup rolled oats
2 1/4 cups whole
wheat flour
1 tablespoon sea salt
salt and pepper to taste
olive oil to
coat bowl
mixed seeds (optional)

Get the ground flaxseeds and oat bran
in a bowl and put some boiling water over it and let it soak and sit for a
little while, just a minute or two.

In a seperate bowl, combine the
active dry yeast, warm buttermilk, and honey. (side note: raw honey is soooo
much tastier than the stuff you probably already have in your cabinet. It’s only
about three or four dollars at the grocery store in the organic section  – worth

Let the yeast and buttermilk mixture sit for about 5-10 minutes,
until is gets bubbly.

Combine bran mixture with other mixture and
combine with egg, salt and pepper, rolled oats, and 3/4 c. of the whole wheat

Continue adding flour to the mix, 3/4 c. at a time.

Oil a
bowl really well and put bread mixture into it, rolling it around to absorb a
lot of the oil making it easier to handle. Once it’s formed into a ball, cover
and place in a warm place to let it rise until it has doubled in size, about 2

Once it has risen, make them into 3 oz. balls and place them in a
round cake pan. Cover again and let sit for an additional 30-45 minutes (the
longer they sit, the bigger they’ll be!)

Make eggwash and wash over the
rolls before they go into the oven, and add some sea salt and poppy seeds to the
top if desired.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees and cook for 30-40

Make sure you plan ahead since it takes so long and that you eat
one right when it comes out of the oven – soooooo good!

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